A Shoreseeker Challenge is far more achievable than you think. All you need is commitment, enthusiasm and a thirst for adventure - we’ll help you get the rest. 

Here at Shoreseeker, we have created our challenges to cater to every type of adventurer. Some challenges are designed for those experiencing ocean rowing for the first time, others to challenge and test those have done it before. We have created these races across the UK and the Mediterranean, allowing you to pick the route which appeals the most - be it for it's duration, cost, location or difficulty. 

UK Challenges 


Surrounded by water, the UK gives us plenty of options when choosing our routes.  We have handpicked locations across the country which provide exciting scenery and adventures, to ensure that the challenges we pick give you the best experience.

At Shoreseeker, we want to ensure that we are always offering you new and exciting experiences. Our UK Challenges are set in a way to give you just that. Row around the Isle of Wight, navigate your way from Lands End to the Scilly Isles, pit yourself against the waters around the Isle of Anglesey and more. These weekend challenges give you the freedom to choose the best route for you and you never know, you may end up doing them all...

Training for UK Challenges will entail 48 hours of on-the-water training, where you will train with individuals who are taking part in the same race as you. We have a high focus on safety, with our training dates being flexible to suit different needs. Once you have completed your training,  you can apply to any UK challenge without having to repeat training. As well as this, it also counts towards the training for our Mediterranean Race Series, meaning you are always progressing! 

From £650 (Plus training)


Mediterranean Race Series 2018


Shoreseeker is proud to announce the release of our 2018 Mediterranean Race Series, which will see our fleet starting at Alicante, Spain and ending in Mahon, Menorca, after an adventurous route across Spain, France and Italy. 

This momentous journey will be split into 5 different legs, visiting three different counties and seven cities on it's way. You can sign up to as many legs as you like, with each offering a unique experience to those on-board.

Training for our Mediterranean Race Series has been created to be flexible, with a heavy emphasis on safety. It will entail 4 days  of on-the-water training and 2 days of shore-based training, where you will be trained with individuals who will taking part in the same leg as you. Training for UK and Mediterranean challenges also complement each other, so if you have done elements of the training before, then you will not need to repeat this. 

The Mediterranean Race Series will be an adventurous journey of achievement. Will you be joining us?

From £1,695 (Plus training)