Five legs, seven cities, three countries. This is like no other. This is you.

This is you as you row under one of the clearest night skies you've ever seen. This is you as you push yourself, experiencing more than you thought possible. This is you as you break free from all that you've known to achieve something more. This is you as you row the Mediterranean with Shoreseeker.

Shoreseeker's 2018 Mediterranean Race Series give you the chance to break free from modern life and say "I did that", as you take up your position in the team to row across the Mediterranean. 

First thing's first, you need to choose a leg (or more than one if you really want to up the ante!) that's right for you. Each leg will challenge you in different ways, requiring you to row from city to city, or even county to country. Experiencing an encapsulated life alongside your team and skipper, the 30ft boat will be all that stand between you and the elements. It won’t be easy, but our dedicated training and support team will prepare you, and your team to go it alone, so that when you're ready to push off into the open sea, you'll be thinking: "Let’s do this".


Which leg is for me?

The dates of each race will often help you select which leg is for you, but you may also want to consider if there is a particular city that you would like to row out of or into.  Do you want to do a slightly shorter challenge, be closer to a coast line or go right offshore?  

Have a read through each postcard to get some inspiration and understand more about what each route can offer you. It is also important to bear in mind the available training dates for each leg, as you will need to be available for these as well as the race date.  Once you have decided on which leg appeals to you the most, click the 'Apply' button at the bottom of this page to get in contact with us!

 Training Information

To prepare you for a Mediterranean challenge, we require you to complete 5 days of on-the-water training and 2 days of shore-based training.  The training is designed with flexibility in mind and our emphasis on safety will be apparent throughout.  You will train with the people who will be taking part in the same leg and you have the choice of whether you would like to do your training over 5 weekends or back-to-back during the week. Please click on each postcard above to see the training options for that leg.  

Shoreseeker training does not have to be repeated in full, so if you have done a challenge or the training before then you will not have to re-do this. We may, however, require you to do refresher training if any of your qualifications have lapsed. To find out more about what’s involved in the training, please click here.  

So, if adventure is calling and your soul is yearning for more, take up your position at the oars and row across the Mediterranean. Discover more to life as the clear skies and honest adventure reaches something naturally embedded in us all.  In the eyes of the ocean, the only difference is you.

The Shoreseeker Challenge is for anyone who truly wants to test themselves but doesn’t have the luxury of being able to take 3 months off work. It’s a bitesize adventure which will enable you to test yourself against the elements and your inner self.
— Nick Rees, Company Director, Aged 40