Our 2018 Mediterranean Challenges are Revealed!

Five legs, seven cities, three countries. This is like no other. This is you.

Here at Shoreseeker, we have been working very hard to bring you our new 2018 Mediterranean Race Series!

Our five-leg journey will see those on-board rowing from cities such as Barcelona, Marseille and Bosa; with each leg offering different opportunities and challenges. We have created handy postcards and placed them on our Mediterranean Challenges page, which detail the key facts about each leg.

This race series draws on our experience from our past Mediterranean races and we're very excited about this new and improved series.

These races will be using our brand new ocean rowing boats, which are the culmination of years of learning and developments working with Rossiter Yachts, who have been building ocean rowing boats for longer than any than any other boat builder.

We are certainly excited about this race series and we have found it difficult to keep quiet for so long whilst we've been working on it! We will also soon have some exciting news about about an imminent UK challenge, but you will just have to wait and see…