Shoreseeker is all about progression in open water rowing.  That's why we have designed all of our training and challenges so that you can progress easily without having to repeat any training. 

Our UK and Mediterranean challenges require you to complete the same Level 1 training.  Therefore if you've done a UK challenge, then you've already completed a third of the training required to do a Mediterranean challenge.  Similar to this, once you have completed the training for a Mediterranean challenge, you won't have to re-do all the training again to take part in another Race Series the following year. 


Our on-the-water training is designed specifically for our challenges and is approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).  Whether you're an experienced rower or totally new to the water, our training will guide you through the relevant skills to ensure you know what you're doing and are an effective member of the team.

You do not need to re-do qualifications.  Our training is modular, so when you have completed one part of it, you will not need to repeat it again.  We may ask you to do a refresher training session if it has been 2 years since your last challenge - but that is in the interest of safety!

The shore-based training sessions are RYA approved courses.  Therefore, the First-Aid qualification can be applied over a variety of scenarios and is a skill that is nice to have in your back pocket, as it really can help to save lives.  This qualification needs to be renewed every 3 years.  

The RYA Sea Survival course doesn't have a fixed expiry date, but it is recommended that it is repeated every 5 years.

Extra Qualifications

We also offer additional training courses in RYA VHF and RYA Essential Navigation.  Both courses will give you another level of understanding of what is required to run an ocean rowing boat.  For those who spend time at sea or intend to spend more time at sea, then the Essential Navigation course is highly recommended.  You will spend two days learning how to interpret and use navigational charts, the rules of the sea and also GPS chart plotters.

The RYA VHF course is a legal requirement to operate a VHF radio.  You will learn how to use the equipment, the correct way to communicate and what to do in an emergency.  A very useful qualification for anyone who wants to fully understand how this piece of emergency equipment works, or if you intend to spend more time at sea and want to be a dependable member of the crew, who is confident in the use of a VHF radio.

These courses are run by RYA instructors and are run regularly, so just get in touch if you would like to do any of these.

We want you to gain more, experience more and achieve more. By gaining your qualifications, you will open up a door to opportunities and adventure. All you need to do is take the first step...