Safety underpins every aspect of Shoreseeker and we’re committed to producing responsible, confident rowers through our specialist training scheme, whatever your prior level of experience.

Here at Shoreseeker, we have devised a training program which you will need to complete in order to take part in either our UK or Mediterranean challenges. We have structured the training to be flexible and suit the needs of the individual. You will be trained with the individuals who have signed up to the same challenge as you. This will help you to cement relationships and maybe build up a bit of competitive rivalry... 

Listed below we have the details of the training you are required to complete for both the UK and Mediterranean challenges. It is important to remember that once training is completed, you are not required to repeat it to take on further challenges. We may, however, ask you to complete refresher training. You will have the choice of completing your training either at weekends or during the week, Monday to Friday. The dates of the training can be found on each Challenges individual page and you must ensure that you are available for both the race and training dates.

You are required to have sufficient travel insurance to cover you to take part in our training, and we are in the process of negotiating this rate with our insurer.  If you choose to take this insurance, this cost will be in addition to the training fee.

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In order to fully prepare you for the environment you will be stepping into, you need to complete 6 days of training. We will also provide you with some bespoke Shoreseeker clothing.

Level 1 Training – 48 hours

  • This is your immersion training session.  You will spend about 30 hours on-board, where you will learn to become accustomed to rowing in a watch system of 2 hours on / 2 hours off.  You will also cover the use of navigation equipment, safety equipment, cooking, eating, hydration, log keeping and much more.  This training session is designed to fully immerse you into what you would experience on a multi-day race, so that when your two days is over, you will have a full understanding of what life is like on-board an ocean rowing boat.

Level 2 Training – 48 hours

  • This is your assessment training session.  Your skipper will be on-board to guide you, but this training session is for you and the team to make the decisions and demonstrate you’re ready to take on the high seas.  You will be on-board for about 30 hours, and you’ll cover all the disciplines that are crucial to an efficiently run ocean rowing boat, so that when you come to take on the Mediterranean, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

Shorebased training – 2 days

You are required to take the following RYA shore-based training courses, which each last one-day.  Both courses are taught with ocean rowing firmly in mind, but the qualifications will stand you in good stead for the future.

  • RYA First Aid – This is a one-day course on First Aid.  Particular attention will be paid to heat stroke, dehydration, exhaustion and the sorts of injuries that can arise at sea on ocean rowing boats.
  • RYA Sea Survivial – This is a one-day course on Sea Survival.  The course is designed to make you aware of what to do if things were to go wrong at sea.  Your instructor will get you working through a number of scenarios, you’ll also learn how to deploy a liferaft and what each flare does and how to use them to raise help.

We require you to complete the same Level 1 training (as listed above) in order to take on a UK challenge.  Once complete, if you want to take on a Mediterranean challenge, then you would not be required to re-do Level 1 training.  Level 1 training includes a Shoreseeker jacket to keep.


You can never be too prepared to take on a Shoreseeker challenge.  While the above training is enough for you to take on a Shoreseeker challenge, we do also offer additional training if you would like to be more experienced in a certain areas:

  • RYA Navigation course – this is a two-day course which will take you through the navigation planning in far more detail and give you a really good insight into what’s involved in the planning for your challenge.  The cost of this two-day course is £175.
  • RYA VHF – this is a one-day course in the use of a VHF radio.  The course will cover day-to-day use of communicating over the radio and also what to do in an emergency and how to raise help.  The cost of this one-day course is £160.