One country, surrounded by adventure. Taking on the seas? No, let it take on you. 

Break away from the stress of modern life as you experience adventure in its purest form. Row against the elements and work with your team to be the driving force behind moving your boat from different locations in the United Kingdom. Push for it, work for it, love it - and still be back in time for work on Monday!

Shoreseeker is offering you the chance to take up your place in the team and take part in challenges across the UK.  From rowing around the Isle of Wight to going from Lands End to the Scilly Isles, these mini adventures are an accessible way for you to push yourself and experience more from life. They will also act as a stepping stone in allowing you to take on our Mediterranean challenges, giving you an insight into what you can achieve. How many will you complete?

Shoreseeker puts on multiple races each year in various locations, which will allow you to experience ocean rowing in many different forms.  Once fully trained by us, you will be able to sign up for as many different races as you wish and can even use the qualification towards the completion of the training required for our Med challenges. Some people aim to complete all of them, others to complete the same one each year. Whatever the reason,  ocean rowing will always test and inspire you. These challenges are accessible and can fit easily around the busy lives we all live. 

There is nothing better than finding yourself 150 miles away from land in the pitch black middle of the night listening to Rolling Stones “Start me Up” as you row furiously to keep ahead of the other boats. Shoreseeker was the perfect adventure, short enough not to irritate your boss but challenging enough to push you right to the limit. A true test of stamina and team work.
— Nick Smith, Consultant, Aged 29

Training Information

Here at Shoreseeker, we want to prepare you as much as we can for what ocean rowing entails. This means that in order to complete one of our UK challenges, you first need to complete our training. Once you are fully trained, you will be free to sign up to different races and will not have to repeat the courses. We may, however, require you to do refresher training if any of your qualifications have lapsed. To find out more about what’s involved in the training, please click here.  

If you are new to Shoreseeker then fear not- our training is designed to work harmoniously with your day-to-day life. We require you to complete two days of on-the-water training, with our emphasis on safety being apparent throughout.  You will train with people who will be completing the same challenge and you have the choice of whether you would like to do your training over a weekend or during the week. 

Please click on the button below to view our current UK challenges and their training dates. 

So, if the promise of adventure and discovery is too much to ignore, sign up now to weekend adventures that will bring your world to life. Feel the freedom, experience the achievement and acknowledge what you are capable of. In the eyes of the ocean, the only difference is you.